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Music from On The Trail magazine

Garry Owen, On The Trail Vol.12 No.6 (November/December 2005)

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Let Bacchus's sons be not dismayed,
But join with me each jovial blade;
Come booze and sing and lend your aid
To help me on with the chorus:

      Instead of Spa we'll drink brown ale,
      nd pay the reckoning on the nail,
      No man for debt shall go to gaol
      From Garryowen in glory!

We are the boys that take delight in
Smashing the Limerick lamps when lighting,
Through the streets like sporters fighting,
And tearing all before us.
      Instead, &c.

We'll break the windows we'll break the doors,
The watch knock down by threes and fours:
Then let the doctors work their cures,
And tinker up our bruises.
      Instead, &c.

We'll beat the bailiffs, out of fun,
We'll make the mayor and sheriff's run;
We are the boys no man dares dun,
If he regards a whole skin.
      Instead , &c.

Our hearts so stout have got us fame,
For soon 'tis known from whence we came;
Where'er we go they dread the name
Of Garryowen in glory.
      Instead, &c.

Johnny Connell's tall and straight,
And in his limbs he is complete;
He'll pitch a bar of any weight,
From Garryowen to Thomand Gate.
      Instead, &c.

Garryowen is gone to rack,
Since Johnny Connell went to Cork,
Though Darby O'Brien leapt over the dock
In spite of judge and jury.
      Instead, &c.

Peggy of Darby O, On The Trail Vol.13 No.1 (January/February 2006)

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There was a Gay Captain in Darby Town,
And he was come a Recruiting O:
A Pretty Chambermaid his Heart soon betrayed,
And she was called sweet Peggy O.
      And she was called sweet Peggy O.

O come down the stairs with your golden Hair,
O come down to me said the Captain O;
For I to Killarney must now haste away
Then bid me farewell pretty Peggy O.
      Then bid me farewell pretty Peggy O.

The Damsel replied you need teize me no more;
You are not the man to my fancy O;
I will not be ty'd to be a soldier's bride,
So you may be gone now for Peggy O.
      So you may be gone now for Peggy O.

Never heed her disdain said his Brother so bold,
She is not worth your regarding O;
There'll be fair girls enow who their hearts will bestow,
When you come to the Town of Killarney O.
      When you come to the Town of Killarney O.

Then over the ocean they soon sail'd away,
And safe they arrived at Killarney O;
Yet tho' so far away he was often heard to say
Here's a Health to the Pretty girl of Darby O.
      Here's a Health to the Pretty girl of Darby O.

Sweet Peggy still ran in the Captains mind,
No other he thought was so charming O;
Love alone fill'd his breast that he never could rest,
And he died for the Pretty girl of Darby O.
      And he died for the Pretty girl of Darby O.

Greensleeves & Derry Down, On The Trail Vol.13 No.2 (March/April 2006)

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Carol for New Year's Day

The old year now is away is fled,
The new year it is entered;
Then let us now our sins down tread,
And joyfully all appear.
Let's merry be this holiday,
And let us run with sport and play,
Hang sorrow, let's cast cares away ----
God send you a happy new year.

And now with new year's gifts each friend
Unto each other they do send;
God grant we may our lives amend,
And that the truth may appear.
Now like the snake cast off your skin
Of evil thoughts and wicked sin,
And to amend this new year begin ----
God send us a merry new year.

And now let all the company
In friendly manner all agree,
For we here welcome all may see
Unto this jolly good chear.
I thank my master and my dame,
The which are founders of the same,
To eat and drink now is no shame ---
God send us a merry new year.

Come lads and lasses everyone,
Jack, Tom, Dick, Bess, Mary and Jean,
Let's cut the meat unto the bone,
For welcome you need not fear.
And here for good liquor we shall not lack,
It will whet my brains and strengthen my back,
This jolly good cheer it must go wrack---
God send us a merry new year.

Come, give us more liquor when I do call,
I'll drink to each one in this hall,
I hope so loud I must not bawl,
But unto me lend an ear.
Good fortune to my master send,
And to my dame which is our friend,
God bless us all, and so I end ---
And God send us a happy new year.

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Nova Scotia

Let's away to New Scotland, where Plenty sits queen
O'er as happy a country as ever was seen;
And blesses her subjects, both little and great,
With each a good house, and a pretty estate.

      Derry down, down, down derry down.

There's wood and there's water, there's wild fowl and tame;
In the forest good ven'son, good fish in the stream,
Good grass for our cattle, good land for our plough,
Good wheat to be reap'd, and good barley to mow.
      Derry down, & c.

No landlords are there, the poor tenants to teaze,
No lawyers to bully, nor stewards to seize;
But each honest fellow's a landlord and dares
To spend on himself the whole fruit of his cares.
      Derry down, & c.

They've no duties on candles, no taxes on malt,
Nor do they, as we do, pay sauce for their salt;

Maggie Lauder, On The Trail Vol.13 No.3 (May/June 2006)

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The Battle of Kegs

Gallants attend, and hear a friend
Trill forth harmonious ditty;
Strange things I'll tell, which late befell
In Philadelphia city.
'Twas early day, as poets say,
Just when the sun was rising,
A soldier stood on a log of wood,
And saw a sight surprising.

As in amaze he stood to gaze,
The truth can't be deny'd, sir;
He spy'd a score of kegs, or more,
Come floating down the tide, sir.
A sailor too, in jerkin blue,
This strange appearance viewing,
First damn'd his eyes, in great surprise,
Then said, ----"Some mischief's brewing.

"These kegs now hold the rebels bold
"Pack'd up like pickl'd herring:
"And they're come down to attack the town,
"In this new way of ferrying."
The soldier flew, the sailor too,
And scar'd almost to death, sir;
Wore out their shoes to spread the news,
And ran 'til out of breath, sir.

Now up and down throughout the town,
Most frantic scenes were acted;
And some ran here and others there,
Like men almost distracted.
Some fire cry'd, which some deny'd,
But said the earth had quaked:
And girls and boys with hideous noise,
Ran through the street half naked.

Sir William he, snug as a flea,
Lay all this time a snoring,
Nor dreamed of harm, as he lay warm
In bed with Mrs. Loring.
Now, in a fright he starts upright,
Awak'd by such a clatter;
First rubs his eyes, then boldly cries,
"For God's sake, what's the matter?"

At his bedside he then espy'd
Sir Erskine at command, sir;
Upon one foot he had one boot,
And t'other in his hand, sir.
"Arise, arise, " sir Erskine cries,
"The rebels --- more's the pity!
"Without a boat are all afloat,
"And rang'd before the city."

"The motley crew, in vessels new,
"With Satan fir their guide, sir;
"Pack'd up in bags, and wooden kegs,
"Come driving down the tide, sir.
"Therefore prepare for bloody war,
"These kegs must all be routed,
"Or surely we despis'd shall be,
"And British valour doubted."

The royal band now ready stand,
All rang'd in dread array, sir,
An ev'ry slip, in ev'ry ship,
For to begin the fray, sir.
The cannons roar from shore to shore,
The small arms make a rattle;
Since war began, I'm sure no man
E'er saw so strange a battle.

The rebel dales --- the rebel vales;
With rebel trees surrounded;
The distant woods, the hills and floods,
With rebel echoes sounded.
The fish below swam to and fro,
Attack'd from ev'ry quarter;
Why sure, thought they, the De'ls to pay
Among folks above the water.

The kegs,, 'tis said, tho' strongly made
Of rebel staves and hoops, sir,
Could not oppose their powerful foes,
The conqu'ring British troops, sir.
From morn to night these men of might
Display'd amazing courage;
And when the sun was fairly down,
Retir'd to sup their porridge.

One hundred men with each a pen
Or more, upon my word, sir,
It is most true, would be too few
Their valour to record, sir.
Such feats did they perform that day
Against these wicked kegs, sir.
That year's to come, if they get home,
They'll make their boasts and brags, sir.

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