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Tapes are narrow ribbons of cloth woven from wool, linen or cotton in long lengths for a multitude of uses. ALmost every family had a tape loom and used it to make ribbons, laces, fringe, straps, wicks, etc. As time progressed and life's concerns were not concentrated on survival alone, people became creative in the designs of these tapes. For reenacting, these straps make great garters, belts for breech clouts, powder horn straps, binding for items such as stays or flame-stitched wallets and etc.

I make tapes in either 100% cotton or linen in a wide variety of styles a colors. I can make solid taps, checked, or striped (both lenthwise and crossways stripes). The widest I can make is 1" in cotton or 3/4" in linen and length for these strapps is usually 60". Garters usually have a 10" band and 3" to 4" of fringe on either end.

Tapes are prices as follows:

  • Cotton - $20

  • Linen - $25

  • Cotton Garters - $15

  • Linen Garters - $20

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